Update - 01/20/2016

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Vitoc posted this 20 January 2016

- First stab at parties - includes the following commands (party, invite, follow, leave, uninvite, disband)
- Added logic for moving with parties (there will almost certainly be bugs with this), including accounting for being mortally wounded or too heavy to move (we don't have hold person yet)
- Added logic to prevent players from moving when they are too heavy (above 100% enc, regardless of party)
- RoomExit work in preparation for new room exit types

Eat, sleep, code, repeat...

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ebonbetta posted this 20 January 2016

i just tried in and there wasnothing ??? am i missing something ???

I typed invite gno for invite gnome or is the format different ??



Vitoc posted this 21 January 2016

- Added stealth commands (sneak, hide, search)
- Added logic for moving with stealth (including parties)
- Added looking logic for stealth (sneaking/hidden players don't give messages when they look at things)
- Added getting logic for stealth (sneaking players don't give messages when they get items)
- Added lots of mortally wounded checks to commands (let us know if you find more that are missing please)
- Sending HP after every hit player takes (should help resolve stagnant statbars and appearances of premature disconnects based on HP)

Eat, sleep, code, repeat...

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Locke Cole posted this 21 January 2016

Looking good so far. Just to reiterate what was discussed in gossips:

Had to Shift+Reload/Shift+F5 to get the updated Javascript file, initially trying party commands resulted in an unknown command message. Otherwise, so far it seems to work, will report any issues if I run into them. =)

As for stealth, sneaking seems to try and work. But when you look at your stats, the "Stealth" stat is zero.

Looking forward to additions to the party system (frontrank/midrank/backrank with commands to move between them and the likely buffs/debuffs to follow dependent upon position.. guessing frontrank will get a +accuracy, while midrank will be normal/0, and backrank will give a -accuracy). Also guessing that your rank in a party will affect who monsters attack first.

Obviously anything added to the AI will be nice (party heal spell support, being able to do focused healing on party members, etc).

-Locke Cole

Locke Cole posted this 21 January 2016

I just noticed you put in wealth and balance, thank you. =)

-Locke Cole